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I am currently available to take on web design, search engine optimization, and other design projects.

All the money I make will go towards my family’s adoption journey. We are currently in the process of adopting internationally and what better way to earn the funds than with my skills while also helping you towards the success of your company, band, church, or event!

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I have freelance, agency, and contract experience with WordPress, SEO, Social Media, and Web Design / Development.

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Kids Need (Church) Camp

I can’t stress enough just how much I love church camp! I worked at Springhill Camps for an entire summer once and loved it! I strongly recommend that you send your kid(s), youth group, etc. to camp. I’m sure I will be posting soon on how I wish life was more like church camp. If only we could continue the feeling and passion we have at church camp throughout our every day.


Welcome to my new site :)